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Engineering Department Postdoc Committee


Event Calendars

    A calendar of postdoc events can be found here.

    A list of events run by the Careers Service for Physical Sciences postdocs can be found here.

    A list of talks throughout the universities can be found here.


    In recognition of the importance of postdocs, the University established the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPdA) in 2013 to look after the interests of the community. OPdA is based at 16 Mill Lane (The Postdoc Centre), where you can come for information and advice.

    Postdocs Of Cambridge (PdOC) is the Cambridge University Society for postdoctoral research staff and Junior Research Fellows (JRFs). PdOC represents postdocs in career development, contract research conditions, college affiliation, and social and sporting issues. All Cambridge postdocs are welcome to join, and there is no membership fee.

    For more information about the Department's strategic research themes and capabilities: The Department of Engineering's Research Overview. To learn more about university-wide research: University of Cambridge Research.

    Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers: an agreement between funders and employers of research staff to improve the employment and support for researchers and research careers in UK higher education. It sets out clear standards that research staff can expect from the institution that employs them, as well as their responsibilities as researchers. Vitae leads on the management and implementation of the Concordat.

    Some other helpful links for navigating your way around Cambridge and its various support facilities:

    Cambridge Enterprise is available to help inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs make their ideas and concepts more commercially successful for the benefit of society, the economy and the University.

    If you want to know about talks in Cambridge that match your interests, provides a database of talks in Cambridge that anyone can browse.