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Staff Review

Staff review is very important for career development. If you have been in the department for more than 12 months, you are due for a staff review with your PI. This means you will sit down with your PI and think together about how your career and role are going.

To get an idea about what is involved, read the pre-appraisal form here.

Feedback from both postdocs and PIs who have done staff review has been very positive -- it is important for both you and your PI to stop and think about how your career is going, what you’ve achieved to date and discuss plans for the future. This may include attending courses through the University’s Personal and Professional Development (PPD), Engineering’s Centre for Languages and Inter-Communication (CLIC), forthcoming conferences etc. After each meeting,  the Reviewer and the Reviewee should each keep a copy of the completed (and signed) form for their records. Please remember to send a pdf/photocopy to the Research Office Team at  as they are now required to log this information.

More information can also be found on the University HR website.