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Information for New Starters

Information for New Startes

This page provides resources of use to PostDocs new to the Engineering Department. It complements the Useful Links found elsewhere on this site.


The Rental Deposit Loan Scheme

The University has launched a new employee benefit called the Rental Deposit Loan Scheme.  This is an interest free loan to put towards the costs of renting privately and may be used for the initial security deposit, the first month’s rent and/or administration fees.  The attached documents give further details but the main points are:

- This is an interest free loan for 10 months to cover the initial security deposit, first month’s rent and/or admin fees.  

- You can borrow the equivalent of one month’s net pay, up to a maximum of £3,000, whichever is the lesser amount.

- Open to existing employees and new starters and to qualify you must be looking to rent within a 20 mile radius of the City centre.

- The loan is paid back through payroll deductions over a 10 month period.

 The scheme will be publicised widely in November 2017 but is available now.  Further details will be posted on the Department’s HR websiteand any queries/completed applications can be directed to the HR office for academic, academic related and assistant staff, and the Research Office for research staff.


PDoC Society Information for New Postdocs

The following is the Postdoc society's guide for new Postdocs.

Departmental Safety Induction Form