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Resources for Careers Development

We strongly recommend signing up to the Postdoc Careers Service, who have lots of excellent resources, described below.

1. CV help

To get help with your CV and cover letter, download the book 'CVs and Cover Letters for PhDs and Postdocs' or pick up a copy from the Careers Service.

2. Interview help

To prepare for an interview read a Quick Guide: Academic interviewsInterviews for R&D in industryInterviews for non-research jobs.

3. Fellowship help

The Careers Service can give you feedback on your fellowship proposal - read our advice on Funding and fellowships

4. Get inspired

Read their pages on careers outside of academia to see what other postdocs have gone on to do and how you can use your skills.

5. Meet a careers adviser

Want to meet with a careers adviser? Have a look online for the time that suits you best.