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Engineering Department Postdoc Committee


The Engineering Department Postdoc Committee (EDPC) is a group of volunteers who represent the interests of postdoctoral researchers in the Department of Engineering in order to:

  • Facilitate communication, collaboration and sharing of ideas within the Engineering research community;
  • Promote the research and interests of researchers;
  • Facilitate the training and career development of researchers;
  • Represent Engineering postdocs on appropriate departmental committees and give a voice to postdocs within the Department and wider University;
  • Organize events and research days involving postdocs in the Department

We organize various events and interface with the University-wide Postdoc Society Committee and the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs. The Committee aims to have two members from each Division, but we are constantly seeking participation from eager postdocs who wish to contribute in any way.

Have a question or want to know more?

If you wish to know more about the EDPC or wish to be involved, please contact us at or contact one of your Division representatives listed below.


Current Members

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