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New Departmental Policy Enabling Postdocs to Apply for Small Grants

The Department has announced a new policy enabling postdocs to apply for small grants. Research Associates and Senior Research Associates may be the named applicant for small grants and manage the grants they win, providing:

  • the manager/supervisor provides an email to confirm that he/she:
    • considers it appropriate to allow the Research Associate to be the applicant named on the grant application
    • undertakes to review the management of the grant on a regular basis
    • agrees to take financial and management responsibility should a problem arise
  • the applicant:
    • is eligible under the sponsor’s rules
    • is currently employed by the University of Cambridge in the Department of Engineering with an end date (or funding end date if the contract of employment is open ended) that lies beyond the end date of the new proposed grant
    • completes training under the policy against bribery and corruption before submitting the grant application
    • understands that permission to be an applicant for a small grant under this policy does not give them Principal Investigator (PI) status for grants outside this policy
  • the application:
    • has a total grant value of less than or equal to GBP30k excluding VAT
    • requests grant funding that will be used to pay only costs such as travel, equipment, consumables, facilities, design services and technical services
    • does not risk confusing the definition of PI status with sponsors, under the REF, etc.

Anyone wishing to make a grant application should contact to benefit from advice and ensure the application is correctly processed.

Visit the Research and Finance Office's website for more information on Winning Grants and Funding Opportunities.


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