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University’s Research Data Management Facility Survey

The University’s Research Data Management Facility continues to work on improving the services they offer our research community and they need our input.

By filling the survey, we will help to develop the University’s strategy for research data handling, one that reflects our researcher needs. Additionally, they will compare current research data management approaches at our University with other institutions around the world.

This link will take you to a survey on research data practices at the University.

If you are interested in finding out about an innovative Data Champions programme at the University,  please go to:



Support of Postdoc Parents and Families Survey

The PdOC Society are thinking about what more we can do to support postdocs parents and families in Cambridge. If you are interested in this (whether you're a parent or not) please help us by filling in the short survey at:

If you have problems accessing the survey, or if you prefer to give us feedback by e-mail instead, please contact:



North West Cambridge (Eddington) Survey

Help improve the University's new initiative to relieve the housing situation for its members. Whether you are currently living in Eddington, are soon going to be living there, or have recently been unlucky while applying for a flat: your feedback will be appreciated and will make Eddington a better experience for everyone.

The survey should not take more than 5 minutes of your time and the results that will be publicized will not allow for the identification of individual feedback. The summary of our findings will be presented to the University's Accommodation Syndicate and to the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.

Fill in the survey at:



Christ’s College MCR invites postdocs employed at the University of Cambridge and its affiliated institutions to apply to its new postdoc affiliation scheme.

Membership at a Cambridge College provides a unique academic and social environment. Not only do College members gain access to sports, dining and study facilities, but the environment also encourages interaction between academics in diverse fields and across all career stages. The Christ’s College MCR postdoctoral affiliation scheme aims to provide an opportunity for postdocs to experience the collegiate environment at Cambridge. Visit our website for more details:


We are opening applications to postdoctoral researchers who have an interest in being active members of Christ’s College MCR. In order to apply, please send a completed application form (attached), CV, and short statement of interest (maximum single A4 page) to Tess [].

The deadline for this round of applications is 
31st January 2018.

Successful applicants may be invited to give a brief research talk in front of the graduate students at Christ’s College MCR. 

For any queries, please get in touch with Hayden [].



The Borysiewicz Biomedical Sciences Fellowship Programme

Application deadline: 17:00 on Monday 26 February 2018.

The Borysiewicz Biomedical Sciences Fellowships have been developed in honour of Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, a pioneer in the biomedical sciences, who when Vice-Chancellor of the University led and shaped the development of key provisions for Cambridge’s postdoc community.

The Borysiewicz Fellowships will take outstanding Cambridge postdocs and develop them into motivated, strategic future leaders ready to pursue a range of global questions and problems. The programme will provide a unique mixture of purposeful and outcome-driven engagement opportunities for postdocs both within and outside their area of expertise, which will develop their skills as leaders and lead to a chance to pursue truly independent work on novel ideas.

In the first year, Fellows will embark on a set of flexible, outcome-driven trainings and experiences intended to develop leadership and teamwork skills. In parallel, Fellows will spend time in small groups, pursuing a Global Challenge in collaboration with mentors and experts from industry, enterprise, policy, government and academia leading to a tangible output. This will be completed alongside a Fellow’s existing research contract.

Fellows will then have the opportunity to bid for a period of independent time to pursue their own work. The projects can be anything from a conventional research project, to starting a business, to political or civil society-engagement.

The Fellowships are designed to provide career enhancement to support outstanding researchers seeking to shape the future for the betterment of society. Therefore strong emphasis will be placed on the leadership potential of the candidates.

Full details about the programme timetable, eligibility & assessment criteria, and how to apply, can be found here.

Applications must be submitted to no later than 17:00 on Monday 26 February 2018. Any questions can also be directed to


New Departmental Policy Enabling Postdocs to Apply for Small Grants

The Department has announced a new policy enabling postdocs to apply for small grants. Research Associates and Senior Research Associates may be the named applicant for small grants and manage the grants they win, providing:

  • the manager/supervisor provides an email to confirm that he/she:
    • considers it appropriate to allow the Research Associate to be the applicant named on the grant application
    • undertakes to review the management of the grant on a regular basis
    • agrees to take financial and management responsibility should a problem arise
  • the applicant:
    • is eligible under the sponsor’s rules
    • is currently employed by the University of Cambridge in the Department of Engineering with an end date (or funding end date if the contract of employment is open ended) that lies beyond the end date of the new proposed grant
    • completes training under the policy against bribery and corruption before submitting the grant application
    • understands that permission to be an applicant for a small grant under this policy does not give them Principal Investigator (PI) status for grants outside this policy
  • the application:
    • has a total grant value of less than or equal to GBP30k excluding VAT
    • requests grant funding that will be used to pay only costs such as travel, equipment, consumables, facilities, design services and technical services
    • does not risk confusing the definition of PI status with sponsors, under the REF, etc.

Anyone wishing to make a grant application should contact to benefit from advice and ensure the application is correctly processed.

Visit the Research and Finance Office's website for more information on Winning Grants and Funding Opportunities.


The Researcher Development Programme (RDP) will hold a specialised leadership programme for postdocs in 2018. Applications are now open.

Emerging Research Leaders’ Development Programme (ERLDP) to support postdocs aspiring to achieve research independence in order to lead a research group and/or become a research leader in any field. ERLDP provides an advanced leadership programme for those wishing to explore and consolidate their leadership practice over a four-month period within a multidisciplinary group.  

  • This cohort programme is intended for postdoctoral researchers from any discipline with at least two years’ postdoc experience.
  • To be eligible for the programme, you will have applied or be aiming to apply for independent research funding, and you will be currently responsible for managing/supervising students or others (officially or unofficially).
  • ERLDP will run from January to April 2018 with sessions meeting at St John’s Old Divinity School.

Applications must be received by 5pm on Monday, 23rd October 2017.

Follow this link to the programme description, dates, and application. 

Or click here:

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